Meet Corina, our Customer Support Specialist at Musiversal

Hi there! I’m Corina, Operations and Customer Support Specialist at Musiversal. I’m born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and currently based here as well.

I joined Musiversal in December 2020 - an entirely different company to the one that it is now. It has been a very exciting journey to witness this growth…

A bit about me

Where to start? My contact with dancing and singing? My professional experience before starting to work here? I think everything converged to some extent, so I’ll just write about all of that. 

I started studying ballet and singing when I was 5 years old. Along with my sister, we had a bag full of dress-up clothes in our room, and rehearsed our own musicals. I remember grabbing my mom’s walkman and learning the phonetics for Habanera from Carmen and setting our own opera act in the garden. Just imagine 2 little girls trying to simulate French, just using words in Spanish but finishing them with -ette.

When I finished high school, I started studying Journalism to get my Bachelors’ Degree in General Journalism and Social Communication. However, my dancing continued until I turned 19: I specialized in contemporary and theater dance, and performed at different venues and events for many years. I then detached from dancing and, while working on my first corporate job in the Audiovisual Media area, I rediscovered singing. 


I always say singing really shaped me as a person, even though I’ve never done it professionally. A friend of mine recommended an Andean Vocal Technique workshop to me, and I fell in love with it: screaming a melody from the back of your head and making it beautiful, and connecting with the roots of my country’s music was a real breakthrough for me.

After quitting my corporate job and whilst teaching English part time, I became very invested in the arts again: I studied performance techniques, flamenco dancing and percussion, and created many acts and interventions in events and exhibitions, fusing Andean music, flamenco percussion and poetry. I also recorded lead and backing vocals for some other musical projects. Then I understood the power of music creation: you can make a sound exist, you can color it, shape it, you can create a small world with it. 

As for my professional experience, along that artistic journey I worked as a Schedule logger in different cable TV channels for 4 years, where I learned how to make organic decisions and the value of teamwork, among other experiences. When I decided to quit, I got an international certificate and worked as a Spanish/English translator and teacher. This made me appreciate the value of language and communication. Every word has a purpose and a meaning in each culture, and it’s deeply interesting to work towards finding how we can adapt those meanings for everyone to feel included in them.

Musiversal and me

In November 2020, after almost 1 year of teaching from home due to the pandemic, I started looking for a new job. I had loved everything I had done until then, but wanted to adapt my experience to something new. I found I’d be a good fit for a Customer Support position, and left some applications around LinkedIn.

Towards the end of the month my phone rang, and the caller ID indicated “Lisbon, Portugal”. I picked up, and, after brief greetings and introduction for the reason of the call, I got the question: “Have you got any relationship with music or music creation?”

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After 2 days I was hired as a Customer Support Assistant at Musiversal, to start on the following Monday, a bit overwhelmed by the speed of the process, but definitely excited.

And this is where I say everything converged: the value of teamwork, the adaptation of language and communication between different cultures, understanding the whys and hows of music creation, the flexibility of diversifying tasks: all these skills I had picked up became part of every day on the job. Every single month at Musiversal has been rich with new experiences, and has taught me everything you do in your life, every small grain of experience you gain, is always useful.

My role at Musiversal

At our department, some days we describe steps for operational actions, and others we detail the music production streamline we host at Musiversal, demonstrate product features, or write Help articles for clients to use as their playbook. We provide an experience that sometimes can be as valid as a recording session. We’re also a constant channel for feedback, which we always gratefully take, it being positive or negative. Everything’s a contribution. Having this mindset brought me to also see challenges as a temporary circumstance, because I work next to a team of people eager to work on concrete action points to always get over adverse situations. 

At Customer Success, we support clients who are growing alongside the company: they’re discovering themselves through their art, their potential, and learning new ways to use a product such as ours, which is in constant update as well, and this side-by-side metamorphosis is really motivating to witness.

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My view on Musiversal

I always do the exercise of moving away from my Customer Support agent’s feet and seeing Musiversal with the eyes of an amateur musician, with no formal studies in music or music production: It’s really a hopeful view. I’m grateful to work in a company which envisions a more democratic circuit for creation, and, being from a developing country, I cherish the globality of all projects and incorporations it has. 

Every time I acquire this view, I get to the same conclusion: if working with amazing musicians from Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine, etc., exchanging thoughts and visions with them, and getting the richness of different cultures and backgrounds embodied in your music is the future of the industry, then it’s something to celebrate and support. 

I think the most global thing I can say from working here, is that Musiversal understands passion, but also understands how to channel it into a product that gets results. 

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