Meet Itzi, Senior QA Engineer at Musiversal

Hi! My name is Itzi and I’m from Gernika, a town in the Basque Country that you surely know from Picasso’s painting.

I joined Musiversal last summer, in July, as a software quality assurance engineer; and I can tell you this is the best decision I’ve made in a very long time. For those of you who don't know, the main mission of a quality assurance (QA) engineer is to make sure that the software works perfectly…I hope I’m doing well…

A bit about me

I’m passionate about software testing & Quality Assurance (QA). I love planning test processes and strategies, identifying use cases and scenarios and, of course, testing. I also like investigating new methodologies, technologies and tools, as well as optimising testing and quality procedures. And this is what I’ve bee doing for the last 20 years; testing, improving my processes, investigating, training….

To be honest, my relationship with music is more about listening than playing; I don’t have a good musical ear, I’m afraid. So finding this job was a bit a fluke that I’ve been happy about every day since. Having worked for tech consultancies for many years, getting a message telling me about an opportunity at a music-related start-up was just a lot of fresh air. Since that day, my main goal was to get the job….and after a week full of interviews (thank you André, Javi, Martin and Xav), a cool technical challenge, and some weeks of long wait, I did it! And here I am, being part of a supercool project called Musiversal.


Musiversal and me

At Musiversal, I’m part of the Product team; and, specifically, part of the Engineering area. It is a fantastic team! Even if we work remote, I feel very close to everyone. We hold very short daily meetings and longer planning meetings every 2 weeks, so the contact is continuous.

Beyond the Product team, on Mondays all company members share with the others their goals for the week, and Wednesdays are for the All Hands Meeting where we are all informed about most relevant aspects of present and future of Musiversal.

But the meeting that I like the most and that I look forward to every week, is the 1on1 with Javi, our CTO. He is so inspiring, always ready, helping me maintain focus…..technically brilliant, and  a fantastic coach.

My role at Musiversal

Back to my work, in Musiversal I found the opportunity, my green field; and here I am, trying to define the perfect QA process, the best testing infrastructure, and best techniques to collaborate in offering to our customers, our musicians and the world the best version of our fantastic Musiversal Studio platform.


During the first 6 months I was able to set the basis for the Testing & QA process I would like to implement in Musiversal. I tried tools, techniques, approaches….some worked, and other didn’t; but I learned from them all. Now I feel that my work here is more mature, I also learnt a lot about music  business in terms of sessions, recordings, musicians, producers, files….and the needs musicians and customer have; so my next objective is to establish a definitive environment in which all the tools, frameworks and methodologies that we have been validating these months fit together, and be able to create an automated process to guarantee the quality of Musiversal Studio software.

With Musiversal Studio we showed that remote sessions are more than possible. We have broken the barriers of distance…so….the field is also green for Musiversal. This company has already changed the way music is created; and I’m proud to be part of this and everything that is to come.

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